La Cuvée des Trolls, You won't escape the amazing taste
The production Characteristics Serving the Cuvée des Trolls


The Cuvée des Trolls is a blond beer, ei ther filtered or unfiltered. Fresh and scented, full and well-balanced and highly digestible, it has an alcohol volume of 7%. It is characterized by all of the unique Dubuisson Brewery qualities. Specifically, it is brewed in the traditional way, it is 100 % natural, it has no additives and it possesses unquestionable character.

Blond Beer : This is exclusively brewed with blond malts to deliver a deep, enchanting, golden colour.

Filtered or unfiltered : the Cuvée des Trolls in ei ther bottles or barrels is brewed and packaged at the Dubuisson Brewery in Pipaix. Therefore, the beer is completely filtered which means none of the last yeast particles make their way into ei ther the bottles or barrels. The Cuvée des Trolls served in the ‘Le Brasse Temps’ micro-breweries is brewed on site and is not filtered after fermentation. The yeast is simply decanted during the fermentation and a little is found in the beer when served.

Fresh and scented : the Cuvée des Trolls is beautifully scented with dried orange peel. This is added to the wort during the boiling process. The peel adds that touch of freshness and flavour, giving it a wonderfully soothing aroma.

Full and well-balanced : The Cuvée des Trolls presents a wholesome body for the palate. Comprising a plethora of tangy hearty flavours and tastes, it remains remarkably well balanced.
The touches of bitterness, sourness and sweetness are carefully proportioned to make it a distinctively balanced beer.

Highly digestible: The Cuvée des Trolls has a slightly higher CO2 content which makes it particularly easy to digest. A wonderful tasting brew, which does not weigh down the stomach.

7% alcohol volume : Its lightness, digestibility, balance and fullness give the Cuvée des Trolls a false impression of a light beer. However, with a 7% alcohol volume it will guarantee you not only quality but also an unmistakably merry feeling.

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