La Cuvée des Trolls, You won't escape the amazing taste
The production The unique characteristics of our beer Serving The cuvÉe des Trolls


  • In barrels : It should be served at temperatures of 3°, within a maximum of 5 seconds. You should serve it in a perfectly clean, chilled and wet glass. As soon as the glass is full, firmly close the beer tap, let the foam rise and as it rises cut it in a single motion at 45° with a foam knife to avoid bubbles. Then simply sit back and enjoy!
  • In bottles : Store the bottles on the top shelf of the fridge to ensure they remain well-chilled. If possible, this should be at a temperature of approximately 3°. Pour quickly into a perfectly clean, chilled and wet glass. Serve by controlling the foam so that it reaches the glass rim with a full body of foam. And then it’s a case of ‘cheers’!
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